Monday, July 6, 2009

June 28, 2009

Today I begun to feel sick, sick, sick! 
This morning we got up super early and made copies for the upcoming projects until the ink ran out. Then everyone got ready and went to church while I was really drugged up because I was in so much pain, close to when I had my cyst.

When then finally got back from church, an hour later than expected, we went to Maddai’s grandparents house and ate lunch. So YUMMY! But always so much food! We left sort of quickly, and hurried and got all our stuff and left the house and Sarah and her husband drove us to the bus station.

I found postcards, I just need to send them or well find a post office.

We traveled all day and met up with Merna (a new friend from northern Mexico who will be with us for the week). She is really sweet.

Miley and I with all our luggage:

When we finally got to Tehuacan, Ezi (another brother I worked with in December) picked us up from the bus station and another brother from the church. Then we just went home and we to sleep! Long day!

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