Monday, July 6, 2009

June 27, 2009

Today we got to sleep in. We started making copies, bought paper and forgot it in Maddai’s car. We went to 4 bookstores hunting for English books. Danielle and I found these crazy ones. The storekeeper was trying to get us to buy some about architecture another one about the family & sexual education (interesting combo), so funny.

Our constant fight with the copy machine:

We each got a book for 10 pesos; we’ll see how they are.

After we went to a bakery, because Danielle is maybe in love with pan dulce (sweet bread). Then back to the house to work on the copies and pick up our laundry @7pm. But when we went to go pick up our laundry only Miley’s was ready. Here’s where our night took a turn. We got Miley’s laundry and they said that we could come back in an hour and pick up the laundry and we had to because we are going somewhere for 3 weeks on Sunday. So we told the laundry lady we would back in half hour or so.

Maddai was suppose to be at the house at 7:30 pm. 2 hours later she was not to found after several phone calls. She put us in a tough situation. It was pouring rain, no paper for copies, and Miley had to wait for a call about cena (dinner). It was so dangerous but at 8:30 pm Danielle and I walked to the laundry matt in pouring rain. Thank the Lord for REI and my rain jacket! So dangerous, we had men calling out to us and following us in a car for a while. SCARY! Maddai was so mad when she found out, but she just disappears. Never communicates, nothing and is ALWAYS late. We all talked to her about this tonight. She didn’t really listen. Instead told us all the times she was frustrated with us and told us she doesn’t need us for anything. It was frustrating. And nothing changed the next day. We didn’t make it to our bus on time. Oh well. Not that we need her all the time but it can be frustrating. Especially when we each hear something different about what we’re doing or hear nothing at all. I’ve spent so much money on meals here, when I shouldn’t have to. I don’t understand. WE don’t have money for that stuff. That’s when its like WHERE IS MADDAI?! WHERE ARE YOU?!! At 3 in the afternoon and there is nothing for us to eat all day.. I hope our friendship survives this summer because we were friends first and foremost. Prayers!

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