Monday, July 6, 2009

June 26, 2009

Most of vacation we just sat around and watched TV. Danielle and I both got full body, distress, 60 minute massages and they only cost $34.00, tell me that’s not amazing! I signed up for a training preview in the States in August for massage therapy school. Could be neat, it sounds so fun to me!

We watched a lot of movies, I got sort of caught up on my blog (like I’m doing again now) and posted some pictures and in past entries as well! Check it!

There was lots of good girl bonding time. It was a fun and relaxing trip.

 Our villa on vacation:

Today we came back from Huatuson. It was fun. The trip was 2 hours by bus and we watched Nacho Libre in Spanish. Its so much better in Spanish and I can make a lot of connections to the culture- like the corn! Ha!

When we got back we dropped off our laundry and went to The Italian Coffee Company (which is similar to our Starbucks, way cheaper and Miley’s favorite) and had dinner/lunch. Then we took a taxi back to the casa and in about 15 minutes I wrote out my what I was going to say for the Missions Study/Conference/Service, I talked about John 15 again – if you are interested in reading I will post it in my other blog (

Maddai translated for me, which was great! Her English is so GOOD! It’s an inspiration to me to learn Spanish.

This service has been a wonderful time of healing, praise, worship, God’s grace, mercy and prayer. People that were sick and needing healing went to the altar to kneel and were anointed with oil and prayed over. One of the women was demonized and all the pastors here (about 6) begun to pray over her and the whole congregation as well. I prayed that God would just reign in her life and bless her and that He would be her stronghold, that the demons would leave and know they are never welcome in her life again. EVER!

We could see the demons were leaving her when strange screams/noises were escaping her body and she was fighting and then her body broke down and she stopped fighting and was released. It was amazing!

Spiritual warfare is so tough, but it was so good that it happened here in this place. The pastor from Tierra Blanca (where I was working in December) just kept saying in Your name Father, In Your name! There was praise and cheers of victory afterward, it was really beautiful, sad, great and like nothing I’ve EVER seen before. 

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