Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4, 2009

Happy 4th! Another 4th spent out of the 
States. I wonder where I will be next year. Today was our first full day in the neighborhood in Tehuacan, Puebla. We have split into our groups and Danielle and I are in same group because I need to stay in the city because I’m still pretty sick. I have a stomach infection and we’re living with a doctor here who is giving me free medicine and care. It’s wonderful! I have even gotten shots for the pain. But I am still trying to make the best of my time here even though I haven’t been feeling well.

It was a fun day, pretty packed with lots of stuff to do.

This morning, after breakfast, I gave the devotional to the group about being special. I really needed to remember that God put me here for a reason.

Then we dispursed into our separate groups for the weekend and 2 weeks following. 

Here is some of my group for the week(end):

Most of the rest of the group:

After we got all of our supplies for the weekend we drove to the neighborhood. By the time we got there we split up into 2 groups: one for Remi and one for evangelism/discipleship lessons.

This is the neighborhood we are working in:

We set up for Remi on the basketball court. We had Kassie, Sally and mini Carlos as clowns and I was Cometa again.

Kassie, Sally and myself:

Everyone keeps praying so strong for my health. PRAYERS PLEASE!

After Remi we played games with the kids and made balloon animals, I taught myself an elephant today! J

After we painted the basketball court lines, backboard, the light poles, changed the street lights and installed. While most of the others went and evangelizing and inviting people for the Jesus Film. It took most of the day.

I LOVE all the kids here so much!

Danielle and I are starting our own ministry soon. We are going to teach some of the kids here English for an hour each day. I’m so excited! I love that kind of stuff.

While writing this we’re watching the Jesus Film, the kids version, which I absolutely love. Very interesting.

So sunburnt. Missing you all! Blessings!

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